Who Does Drug Testing And Why?

Drug testing refers to a process in which a tester acquires a sample of a specified specimen and takes it through a process to determine if the individual being tested has been using a given substance. The use of certain drugs or substances can have a negative effect on the user which is why it is widely banned by the law and societal organizations. Some substances have the effect of damaging internal body organs while others may compromise the ability of an individual to think rationally. Drug tests can be done under a number of circumstances to achieve certain goals. If you have been wondering who does drug testing here are some of the people that may be involved in these tests.


These are people who are into competitive sporting events and count on their strength and agility to win. Due to the stiff competition that is often experienced in sporting events some people incorporate the use of certain drugs into their daily routine to boost their overall strength and stamina. This act is viewed as giving an unfair advantage over those who do not use drugs. As a result of most s[porting bodies have banned the use of any drugs that enhance performance. Drug tests are done on athletes to discourage the act of using banned substances and punish those who continue using despite the ban.


In learning institutions, it is not allowed for students to use any form of drug unless prescribed by a professional doctor. The use of banned substances by students often result in unbecoming behavior including irritability, aggressiveness, lack of focus in class, theft and missing of classes. It is to discourage these negative effects that most learning institutions encourage random drug testing. Any student that tests positive is punished through stipulated regulations.

Suspected law breakers

There are certain laws that give guidance on the substances that can be used legally. While alcohol is a legal substance it is illegal for individuals to drink it and soon after go driving. This is because alcohol impairs judgment and may endanger the lives of other road users. When a law enforcement officer suspects that an individual has been drinking and driving or is using illegal substances the officer is allowed to carry out a number of drug tests. If the results are positive the individual is taken to court and charged accordingly.

Victims of substance overdose

Some individuals may unknowingly take an overdose of a prescription drug or mix up drugs in such a way that they take the wrong one. This can have a negative effect with some people experiencing issues such as breathing difficulty, chest pains, skin reactions and fainting. When such an individual is rushed to the hospital the doctor may carry out various drug tests to ascertain the substance in question and the amount that may be in the system. With this information, the doctor is able to carry out effective treatment.

Employees of organizations

When an employer hires people to work he or she expects that they will do their best to achieve the company’s goals. However, employees who engage in the use of too much alcohol or banned substances are unable to remain productive throughout the day. Such people may end up sleeping at work, behaving rudely to clients or doing some other things that may give a negative image of the particular company in question. In such organizations, drug tests are done randomly and those found guilty may be dismissed from work.

Some tricks people use to pass drug tests

Use of commercial products – there are a number of commercial products that are designed to enable individuals to pass drug tests. These may include urine test kits and hair cleaning shampoos. It is worth pointing out that if you are caught trying to compromise the results of a test you may get more punishment.

Drinking of water – the more you drink water the higher your chances of passing a test that involves urine samples. This is because your body gets rid of the traces of the substance as you pass urine. It is important to avoid taking too much water on a quest to pass a drug test because it may end up affecting you negatively.